Airbnb Android app

Airbnb – more professional hosts and better discovery for travellers

Airbnb has redesigned its Android app, aiming to deliver significant improvements for both host and travellers. Whilst those offering accommodation have been given a more professional tool-set, anyone looking for a place to stay should find it easier to discover somewhere suitable.

For any company offering customers a large number of options, relying on search alone is not enough. And this is a challenge that faced Airbnb, which now catalogues 500,000 homes in 34,000 cities.

Airbnb’s new Discover feed will highlight some of the service’s best properties, without the need to trawl through the myriad of search options.

Discover feeds, which highlight the best a catalogue has to offer are not anything new. Such functionality has already proven popular on music services such as Spotify and Deezer.

But whilst choosing the next track you want to listen to is not a particularly significant decision, it is likely that many users will still prefer to make use of Airbnb’s advanced search functionality when looking for accommodation.

Those offering rooms now have access to a feature called Host Home. This allows them to manage their accommodation more professionally, via tools such as a calendar and booking facilities.

[via The Verge]