HTC One Max camera

Android gains RAW support

New camera features have been added to the Android source code, which should lead to big improvements in the camera options offered by the platform. Both RAW support and a burst mode have been included in Android’s hardware abstraction layer (HAL) and can be accessed by developers.

RAW support appears to be by far the most significant improvement. A number of phone manufacturers have already developed their own burst shooting options for Android, and apps like High Speed Camera offer an alternative.

The inclusion of RAW support on phones is not just new for Android, it is a relatively new concept for the entire industry, although is offered by a couple of Nokia’s Lumia phones at present.

Unlike the commonly-used JPEG format, RAW images do not go through any significant post-processing or compression. As a result, RAW files are much larger and are not suitable for distribution, but photographers have much greater control over the appearance of their final images.

[via CNET]