Sony Open Device Programme - Android M developers

Android M Developer Preview available for Sony devices

Sony has moved to support the developer edition of the next version of Android across much of its hardware. The Android M Developer Preview, which was made available by Google for Nexus devices, can now be used on a wide range of Sony Xperia products.

Before we go any further, though, it is worth emphasising that Sony’s support for the Android M Developer Preview really is not aimed at everyday users.

Those who decide to install the Android M Developer Preview on a Sony device will not be able to use the modem or camera. As a result, any smartphone or tablet running the build will have little functionality available besides being able to run apps.

Nonetheless, Sony deserve praise for supporting the Android M Developer Preview, when rivals like Samsung, HTC and LG have given no indication that they plan to do so. Even Motorola – which typically releases new versions of Android ahead of other smartphone manufacturers – has been silent on the matter.

Whilst Sony’s support for the Android M Developer Preview will have little significance for most consumers, it is still useful for its intended audience.

There will be some big changes introduced in Android M, including the ability for users to control the permissions of individual apps, rather than having to accept all of the permissions that are stipulated by an app developer.

The way that Android manages idle apps and devices will also be revised, in order to improve battery life.

The aforementioned changes are just two of many revisions that will be included in Android M that could affect how apps function. Therefore, it is important that developers have the opportunity to test the forthcoming version of Android on as much hardware as possible.

[via Sony Mobile]