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Android now powering almost 9 out of 10 smartphones

Already the dominant mobile operating system by some distance, the latest market share data reveals that Android has increased its advantage even further. Figures for the third quarter of 2016 show that Google’s mobile OS now accounts for 87.5 percent of the global market.

The improvement in Android’s market share comes as its nearest rival, Apple’s iOS, posts a decline.

There were 328.6 million shipments of Android devices during the third quarter, compared to 45.5 million iPhones. These figures represent a 10.3 percent year-on-year improvement for Android and a 5.2% decline for iOS.

The latest data arguably reflects most poorly on Microsoft.

Other mobile OS now make up just 0.3% of the global market. As well as Windows, this includes the likes of BlackBerry 10, which is no longer actively promoted, and Samsung’s Tizen, which is only available in a very limited number of markets.

[via CNBC]