Just Dance

Android version of Just Dance in the works

Although dance games are not as hyped as they were a few years ago, the genre is still widely enjoyed on consoles. Amongst the most popular titles is the Just Dance series, which publisher Ubisoft is looking to bring to Android devices.

Accurately registering the wide range of movements that are involved in dancing remains a challenge on mobile devices. But given the large amount of sensors that are available on modern smartphones, developing a dance game that could compete with the popularity of console equivalents might not be out of the question.

Ubisoft is looking to use smartphones as controllers, monitoring how well moves are performed. In-game footage would then be streamed to a variety of platforms, such as tablets, smart TVs and desktop web browsers.

Although the project has a name – Just Dance Now – at the moment it is still very much at the testing stage. There is no target release date, but if Ubisoft decides to go ahead with the title it will be available for both Android and iOS devices.