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Are Kestra and Bixby the new Samsung voice assistants?

As the Pixel phones act as a platform for Google Assistant, Samsung it expected to introduce its own voice assistant with the Samsung Galaxy S8, rather than relying solely on Google’s offering. Now it has emerged that Samsung’s female voice assistant could be called Kestra, with the male sibling named Bixby.

The name Bixby had actually been speculated about previously, but now both monikers have been outted in a trademark filing.

The trademark filings relate to “computer software for enabling hands-free use of a mobile phone through voice recognition”, “speech recognition software” and “interactive computer software”.

With Samsung busy working on its 2017 flagship smartphone, it seems very pluasible that the trademark applications, which have been made in both Europe and South Korea, could be associated with the anticipated voice assistant.

Yet as always with these issues, it is worth bearing in mind that international companies regularly file speculative trademarks, which ulimately never end up being used for an actual product or service.

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