ASUS Zenbo - smart home automation robot - smiling

ASUS announces Zenbo home robot

As has become traditional for ASUS, the Taiwanese company has shown off some of its biggest products for the year, ahead of the Computex trade show in its home country. The most surprising device ASUS unveiled was also the most interesting, and it took the form of a home robot called Zenbo.

ASUS are characterising Zenbo as ‘your smart little companion’. The robot is a personal assistant, designed to add a friendly face to various security, health and home automation tasks.

Over the past couple of years, there has been a growing number of home automation devices released onto the market.

Google Home was announced earlier this month, at the Google I/O developer conference. Both Google Home and Zenbo are able to respond to voice commands, but ASUS’ robot also has the ability to move independently.

Like other home automation products, Zenbo is able to communicate with a number of third-party devices. Zenbo can be used to control a wide variety of equipment, such as TVs, air conditioning systems and lights.

The purpose of Zenbo is not just limited to convenience, though, with ASUS also focusing on security and health.

Zenbo’s mobility gives it some unique advantages. For instance, it can monitor a home in case someone has a fall, and automatically notify family members via their smartphones.

Developers will also be able to expand the capabilities of Zenbo even further through custom apps. ASUS has launched a developer programme which will provide free access to information and resources, including the Zenbo SDK.