ASUS Transformer Book Trio

ASUS reveals UK release date and pricing for new Android-based approach to PCs

With sales of traditional PC hardware in decline, manufacturers have been seeking to develop alternatives. ASUS’ latest offering in this market, the ASUS Transformer Book Trio, will launch on 11 November in the UK, costing £899.99.

Many PC manufacturers have been developing convertibles – products with detachable keyboards that can function either as a laptop or tablet. The ASUS Transformer Book Trio takes this concept one step further with a three-in-one machine.

A dual processor/dual operating system approach allows the ASUS Transformer Book Trio to function as a laptop, tablet, or traditional desktop.

When the display is used on its own, the device functions as an Intel Atom-powered Android tablet. But when it is connected to the keyboard dock, the machine is transformed into an Intel Haswell-powered laptop, that can run either Android or Windows.

Uniquely, though, the ASUS Transformer Book Trio keyboard dock has a Mini DisplayPort, allowing it to be connected to a monitor. It can therefore also take the role of a more traditional, powerful desktop PC.