ASUS Zenwatch

ASUS ZenWatch given pre-Christmas release date in the UK

The ASUS ZenWatch will go on sale on 23rd December in the UK. Initially, the Taiwanese electronics giant will supply the new smartwatch exclusively to Dixons Retail, meaning it will only be available from Currys and PC World stores.

There has been considerable praise given to the ASUS ZenWatch, with the device having received highly favourable reviews. Many of the approving comments have come as a result of the product’s styling.

Rivals such as the Pebble, LG G Watch and Sony Smartwatch 3 look more like examples of generic technology, rather than high-quality timepieces.

Whilst a more tech-orientated look will obviously appeal to some, it is a design philosophy that lacks the elegant styling and slimline profile of the ASUS ZenWatch.

Although the Motorola Moto 360 is also a relatively good-looking product, it still has a depth of 11.5mm. By contrast, the ASUS ZenWatch is much leaner, with a depth of only 9.4mm.ASUS ZenWatch strap buckle

But whilst the design of the ASUS ZenWatch might be well liked, the UK price is probably not going to prove to be similarly popular.

The ASUS ZenWatch will sell for £199.99. Whilst this is the same price as the LG G Watch R (arguably the only smartwatch that can give the ASUS ZenWatch a run for its money in the looks department), it represents a direct 1:1 dollar-to-pound conversion ratio.

Although the LG G Watch R sells for $299 in the United States, the ASUS ZenWatch costs only $199.99. The fact that the discrepancy in pricing is so large will no doubt put off many potential purchasers.

For anyone who is prepared to pay the premium, though, the ASUS ZenWatch is still a highly-attractive Android Wear smartwatch. Its refined styling means that there is no need to compromise between elegance and technology.

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