Simplenote open source - source code

Automattic take Simplenote open source

The official clients for the cloud-based note-taking app Simplenote have been open sourced, with source code having been posted to GitHub. Simplenote comes out of a famous stable, with the service developed by none other than Automattic, who are also responsible for the popular WordPress content management system.

There are sometimes concerns when an app goes open source that it is effectively being abandoned by its existing developers, in the hope that others will take over the reigns.

However, Automattic has a history of supporting open source projects. The company already has a number of open source offerings, including the Electron desktop application development framework and WordPress.

There has been a healthy amount of recent activity around Simplenote. The most recent update to the Android app was released on 3 August, and earlier this year Windows and Linux desktop clients were released.

The Windows and Linux clients were developed with Electron, and were made open source at the time of their release. They have now been joined by the Android, iOS and OS X editions, with the source code available on GitHub.