Chrome for Android

Better Chromecast support and new features for Chrome on Android

Google has released a new beta version of their Chrome browser, bringing a popular desktop feature to Android as well as some more mobile-orientated updates. Built from version 35 of Chrome, the new release features improved Chromecast support, better video handling and the option to undo closed tabs.

The ability to reopen accidentally closed tabs has been a common feature on desktop browsers for some time.

Chrome for Android - undo closed tab

Now when a tab is closed in Chrome Beta, a small message briefly appears offering the option to undo the action. There is also a ‘Recent tabs’ windows which is accessible via the menu, offering a greater choice of tabs to reopen.

The ‘Recent tabs’ window is also linked to your Google Account, allowing access to tabs viewed on other devices, such as a Windows PC.

Chrome Beta also features the ability to cast videos to Chromecast directly from the browser. This option is still in its infancy, however, and Google admits that casting YouTube videos is problematic right now.

It is almost certain that the new features will make their way to the standard release of Chrome. However, anyone who is feeling impatient can download Chrome Beta from the Play Store – the release appears stable across a wide range of hardware.

Chrome is one of the most popular browsers available for Android, despite the fact it requires at least Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to run.

Regular feature additions and improvements have played a significant part in Chrome becoming so widely used. The standard Android Open Source Project web browser – or alternatives from manufacturers like HTC and Samsung – does not enjoy such a rapid rate of development.

There are many other capable browsers available free from Google Play, such as Opera, Firefox and Dolphin, although the fact that Chrome is preinstalled on many Android devices means that it often becomes the default choice for users.