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Big Android update commitment from HTC

The topic of Android updates has always been something of a murky subject. Now HTC aims to provide some clarity, with a firm pledge to support all of its future flagship devices for two year years.

Manufacturers have previously been reluctant to offer firm commitments on Android updates. Even when guidance has been given, deadlines have been missed, and in some cases updates have failed to materialise altogether.

All Android manufacturers have been guilty of managing operating system updates poorly, to one extent or another. Whilst there have been improvements in this area, until now companies have been unwilling to make any promises.

The commitment was made by the HTC USA Product Team in a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session. Customers were promised that they would receive ‘all major Android updates for two years’ after a device’s release date..

There was a caveat, however, as the commitment was limited to ‘all new North America flagship devices.’

But it seems unlikely that HTC will adopt a radically difference policy for Europe and the rest of the world. On an increasingly-connected planet, HTC’s customers outside America will be well aware of the commitment, and will expect similar levels of service.

Although there are occasionally minor differences in specification between the devices sold in different regions of the world, these discrepancies are normally fairly minimal. Therefore, from a technical perspective, there is often little point in restricting Android updates to specific countries.

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