BlackBerry KeyOne leak

BlackBerry leaks details of KeyOne Android smartphone

Details of BlackBerry’s next Android smartphone have leaked, ahead of the device’s official unveiling. The handset itself is significant, being the final piece of BlackBerry-designed hardware that will be released.

Details of the BlackBerry KeyOne were posted on the company’s official website, with the promotional page then being removed not long after its discovery.

In the best traditions of BlackBerry devices, the forthcoming smartphone will feature a physical keyboard.

Other highlights of the BlackBerry KeyOne include a 4.5-inch display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 2.0 GHz octa-core chipset, 3 GB RAM, Android 7.1 and the same Sony IMX378 imaging sensor that is used in the Google Pixel.

Although no detailed information had previously been released about the BlackBerry KeyOne, its existence was not a secret. Originally given the BlackBerry Mercury code name, the smartphone is due to be officially launched at Mobile World Congress.

Many general details about the future direction of BlackBerry have been made public, following the licensing deal agreed with TCL.

In the future, TCL will handle the design of BlackBerry’s mobile hardware, but the Canadian company will retain responsibility for the software.

The BlackBerry KeyOne is something of an intermediate device, however.

Much of the design work for the smartphone had already been completed before the hardware licensing agreement had been put in place. As a result, the product was handed over to TCL following the deal.

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