Jolla Sailfish OS phone

Can Jolla provide a Google-free alternative for Android?

Jolla has released further details of its forthcoming phone line-up, which will be capable of running Android apps, despite being powered by a completely different operating system. Sailfish OS has been developed by the Finnish start up to include limited Android compatibility, meaning that users will have access to a large selection of apps from launch.

The extent of Sailfish OS’ Android compatibility is that it will be able to run Android apps via its Android compatibility layer, developed alongside Swiss company Myriad Group AG.

Unsurprisingly, there won’t be Google services provided with Jolla handsets. However, alternatives to popular apps will be offered.

The phones will ship with Nokia’s HERE mapping service, for example, rather than Google Maps. Jolla has also reached a deal with Russian internet giant Yandex to include its app store, which contains over 85,000 Android apps.

Jolla’s devices will cost €399 and are set to be released in Finland on 27 November. They will then be made available to customers who submitted pre-orders, and the company hopes to achieve wider European distribution by the end of the year.

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