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Adobe Lightroom - Android app - Selective Edits

Adobe Lightroom gets new look on Android

Adobe has released a heavily-revised edition of Lightroom for Android. While the new version does not offer much in terms of additional functionality, it will significantly change the way that the app is used.

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RunScape Mobile - Android app preview

How RuneScape is aiming to bring PC gaming to mobile

Fans of RuneScape are in for a treat with news that the popular MMORPG is to be released for mobile devices. Initially Old School RuneScape will be made available, with the retro title released for both smartphones and tablets.

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Snapchat custom geofilter

Snapchat introduces simple geofilter creation service

Snapchat has made it easier to create custom geofilters with a new set of tools. The new feature has been designed to produce a revenue stream for the social app, with a fee attached to the service.

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Google+ Photos are now viewable from inside the Google Drive Android app

AI update brings easier archiving to Google Photos

A new Google Photo feature has been introduced to help make the task of managing images more straightforward. The addition uses artificial intelligence to suggest photos that users may want to archive.

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Google Sheets - Explore - machine learning chart

Google Sheets gets new machine learning capabilities

Google’s spreadsheet package has been updated, with new machine learning technology introduced to make building charts easier. The new Google Sheets feature is able to understand natural language requests, and is aimed to provide a more user-friendly experience.

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SoundAssistant by Samsung - app volume

Samsung release powerful new audio customisation app

Samsung has released a new app designed to significantly enhance the audio quality of its smartphones. The software provides a variety of fine control and customisation options, allowing users to personalise playback for their own tastes.

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Instagram - rings

Instagram makes it easier to find stories

Instagram has announced two new features that are designed to make stories easier to discover. The new features make it possible to find stories through both locations and hashtags.

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Google Play Store - apps

Google seeks improvements to Android app quality

With Android now established as a mature mobile operating system, Google is looking at ways to help improve the overall experience. And one of the methods the search engine giant will now be using involves the targeting of poor-performing apps.

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Telegram messenger - profile

Telegram 4.0 introduces payments support

Telegram has released a new version of its instant messaging client, and with it provided significant insights over the future direction of the platform. A number of major new features have been introduced with Telegram 4.0, including support for payments.

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Microsoft Arrow Launcher

Microsoft introduces significant new features to Arrow Launcher

Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher has received a big update which brings with it a number of new features. The latest release offers an indication of Microsoft’s commitment to Android, as it continues to establish a firm foothold within the mobile operating system.

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