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Snapchat - filters and special effects

Snapchat introduces limitless snaps with no time limit

Snapchat has added new features to its app, including a key change that affects a fundamental aspect of the service. The notion that snaps are only available for a limited amount of time is well established, but that is now about to change.

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Hungry Shark VR for Google Daydream

New Daydream title with bite

A new game from Ubisoft has been released for Google’s virtual reality platform Daydream. Hungary Shark VR is a paid-for title which enables players to carry out a variety of missions in an underwater virtual environment.

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WhatsApp chats

Pinned conversations coming to WhatsApp

A new feature is in the works from WhatsApp that has the potential to deliver a cleaner user experience. The instant messaging client will include an option to pin chats to the top of the screen, so that important conversations can be kept separate.

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Samsung Marshmallow

Samsung revives Marshmallow for Android

The Marshmallow name is being applied to another Android product, with the launch of a new parental control app from Samsung. Designed to be educational as well as restrict the use of devices, Samsung Marshmallow aims to change the way children interact with smartphones.

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Samsung In-Traffic Reply

Samsung working on app for safer driving

Samsung is developing a new app which is designed to make driving with a smartphone a safer experience. In-Traffic Reply works by automatically handling calls and texts so that drivers are not distracted.

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Instagram for Android

Instagram offline access being tested on Android

Testing of a new offline mode has begun on Instagram’s Android app. By fetching content when a data connection is available, Instagram is then able to display it when users are offline.

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Google Earth revamped with multimedia content

Google Earth has been relaunched on both the web and Android, with the revised edition promising a more interactive experience. The new version sees the addition of content from a range of providers, with the aim of making the app more immersive.

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Google Image Search - style ideas

Google brings fashion to image search

Google has introduced a new feature to image search, designed to make it easier to discover inspiring fashion. The feature, known as ‘style ideas’ is available from both the Android edition of the Google app as well as the search engine giant’s mobile website.

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Google+ Photos are now viewable from inside the Google Drive Android app

Google Photos v2.13 introduces video stabilisation

Now there is a new free alternative for ensuring videos are steady, with the latest update to Google Photos. The new version of the app sees support enabled for video stabilisation, allowing correction of footage after it has been recorded.

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Google Keep - shopping list suggestions

Google Assistant’s shopping lists are moving Home

Shopping lists created with Google Assistant will no longer be automatically transferred to the Google Keep app. Instead, any list created via the digital helper will instead be placed in the Google Home app.

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