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Telegram Call

Telegram launches voice calls for western Europe

Telegram is promising that its new voice calling service will offer a secure way of staying in touch with contacts. The instant messaging service has been testing the feature for some months, with the roll-out now beginning in western Europe.

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Google Maps real-time location sharing and navigation

Location sharing coming to Google Maps

It will soon be possible to share location data from the Google Maps mobile apps. The feature is designed to make organising events and meet-ups easy, by sharing data between selected contacts.

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Google Now launcher

Google Now launcher to be discontinued

Google is planning to phase out its Google Now launcher. The software had proven very popular on Android, providing a free alternative for anyone searching for a more stock-like experience.

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realMyst - Android port of Myst

Classic game Myst arrives on Android

Myst is a title that has been enjoyed by a huge number of video game enthusiasts over the years, and now is set to expand its reach even further. A port of the classic game has been released for Android, under the name realMyst.

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ASUS Chromebook Flip - tent mode

Adobe announces Chromebook edition of Creative Cloud

In a major boost for Chrome OS, Adobe has announced that it will be releasing versions of its Creative Cloud apps for the platform. Chromebook owners will get access to a variety of creativity tools, better known for the availability on Windows and Mac hardware.

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Google app - offline search

Google introduces better search for weak connections

The Google app’s handling of search is being changed, in order to deliver a better experience with a restricted connection. Results will now be sent as soon as a signal is available again, leaving users free to get on with other tasks.

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Google Maps Android app - driving directions

Parking information is being added to Google Maps

Google Maps v9.44 beta includes a new feature that could prove to be very useful for a lot of users. Details about parking availability at a destination is being added to route plans, letting drivers know how easy it will be to find a space.

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Facebook Android app

Facebook acknowledge battery-drain problem

Facebook has admitted that its apps have been causing battery-drain issues, blaming the problem on server-side difficulties. In recent days, there have been complaints on social media about poor battery life, as a result of using Facebook’s mobile apps.

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Telegram messenger - Android app

Old Android versions no longer supported by Telegram

The popular instant messaging app Telegram has ended support for Android devices which run older versions of Google’s mobile operating system. The move has been completed without fanfare, with Telegram deciding against making a formal announcement about the changes.

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ADW Launcher 2 - tablet view

ADW Launcher 2 released after five years

In what is likely to be a surprise to many, ADW Launcher 2 has been released after development work that began in 2011. While in its heyday ADW Launcher was one of the most popular aftermarket launchers available for Android, years of inertia saw it become much less relevant.

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