ASUS Chromebook C300

Chrome OS 57 brings improved Android support

A number of new features have been introduced with the release of Chrome OS 57.0.2987.123. The additions to Google’s desktop operating system have been designed to better fit how Chrome OS is being used in 2017.

Android apps came to Chrome OS last year, with a clear separation from the native file system. As a result, it was not easy to access files that had been saved by an Android app.

Although it was possible to download an Android file manager from Google Play as a workaround, this is no longer necessary.

With Chrome OS 57, files saved by Android apps can now by accessed directly through the default file manager.

Recently there has been a number of convertible Chromebooks released. Although Chrome OS has been adapted for this purpose, in tablet mode it was not possible to use the power button to turn off the screen on a device.

While previously the power button would either lock a device or shut it down entirely when in tablet mode, it can now be used to simply switch off the screen.