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Chromebooks to receive some Android features before smartphones

Google is still working on establishing Android app support on Chromebooks, and the search engine giant has confirmed some exciting future plans for the venture. Demonstrating its commitment to Chrome OS, Google has said it may introduce some new Android features to Chromebooks before they arrive on other devices.

Although Android apps function on some Chromebooks, work is still some way from being finalised with the project remaining in a beta state.

Speaking to The Verge recently, senior director of product management for Chrome OS Kan Liu explained that ‘dessert’ releases (new versions of Android) tend to take place annually, while Chrome OS updates occur much more frequently.

“Dessert releases tend to have a yearly release cycle,” says Liu. “We actually want to decouple ourselves from that. Because Chromebooks have a six-week release cycle.”

Since Liu spoke to The Verge, Google has clarified that Chrome OS will not receive any new Android features before smartphones in 2017.

Google’s stance is not particularly surprising given the current development status of Android app support. In the stable channel, only a limited number of Chromebooks are able to run apps at the moment.

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