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Chromecast expected to support Android screen mirroring soon

The ability to mirror the contents of your Android screen should be available via Chromecast in the not too distant future. The news comes from CyanogenMod developer Koushik Dutta, who noted that changes in the recent Android 4.4.1 KitKat update make such a feature possible.

“From the patches I see in 4.4.1, they’ll be adding Android mirroring to Chromecast very soon,” he said.

Unfortunately, anyone wanting to mirror their Android screen using anything other than Google’s video streaming solution will be out of luck. The relevant API can only be accessed by Google, meaning that it won’t be possible for rival devices from the likes of Roku and PLAiR to take advantage of the feature directly.

It may still be possible for others to develop their own mirroring solutions for Android. PLAiR are currently working on bringing mirroring to the PLAiR 2, although they have yet to say which platforms will be supported.

Screen mirroring is actually possible via Chromecast already, although only through the desktop version of Chrome, with the contents of a tab being displayed on a second screen.

Currently Chromecast is only available in the United States. But recent Chromecast-related job adverts for positions in London, Paris and Hamburg mean that a European launch is likely in the coming months.

[via Pocket Lint]