VLC media player Android app

Chromecast support for VLC media player Android app

Popular video and audio player VLC will become the latest software to add support for Chromecast. A VLC developer has confirmed that Chromecast compatibility will be introduced soon, across a wide range of platforms.

Although no specific release date has been announced, VLC developer Felix Paul Kuehne has said that he expects Chromecast support to be implemented in the iOS app within around four to six weeks.

Chromecast support will be added to the VLC Android app, following the update of the iOS edition.

VLC is particularly popular on desktop environments, given its ability to play a large number of file formats, with no need to download individual codes.

Windows, Linux and OS X have not been forgotten, although Chromecast support is only likely to be added to these platforms some time after the iOS and Android apps have been updated. As Google has not yet released a Chromecast development kit for the aforementioned desktop operating systems, adding support for casting will be less straightforward than with VLC’s mobile apps.

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