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Chromecast support may be on the way for Facebook’s Android app

Facebook’s expansion as a media platform looks set to continue, with Chromecast support being added to its Android app. The beta edition of the app is reportedly now showing the Google Cast icon when videos are played.

When the Google Cast logo is tapped, it is possible to select a Chromecast dongle for playback. Doing so brings up the Facebook logo along with a loading animation on the connected television, although the video itself does not start to play.

Although the feature is not yet fully functioning, the fact Chromecast now has a limited presence on the beta app is a very strong indication that Facebook is looking at supporting the media streaming dongle.

As a video platform, one advantage that Google-owned YouTube has over Facebook is that it offers deep Chromecast integration.

Supporting Chromecast would mean Facebook allowing users to step outside of its walled garden. But as the social network looks to woo publishers, it needs to compete with rivals as far as playback options are concerned

Obviously Chromecast support is in the very early stages of development right now, so it may be some time before it rolls out to all users of the Facebook Android app.

It is very possible that Facebook will not just use Chromecast for video playback, either. Given the extensive collections of photographs that have been uploaded to the social network, then Google’s media device could also be used for sharing images, in a similar vein to Google Photos.

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