Deezer - Android app screenshot

Deezer update puts music discovery at heart of Android app

The subscription-based music streaming service Deezer is to introduce a new feature to its Android app, which aims to make it easier for people to discover new music. Hear This will provide recommendations based on analysis of a user’s listening habits.

But Hear This does not end with machine-generated picks. Deezer has quite a strong editorial team, with 50 people showing users additional tracks to check out.

Hear This provides Deezer with an equivalent to Spotify’s Discover feature. The company’s chief executive Axel Dauchez believes that getting music discovery right is vital in order to convince users they are getting value from a subscription-based service.

“Discovery is a critical factor which makes the link between the music creation and the listeners. And, more than that, discovery is critical for the people themselves,” Dauchez said.

“If you always listen to the same tracks, it maybe gives you short-term satisfaction, but it does not build your musical identity,

“Currently, the [streaming] category is pretty poor about that. When you look at what is in the market today, of course there is recommendations and so on, but […] sometimes there is a reason to try, very rarely is there a reason to love.

“We need to build a step-change in our abilities to push the people to try and to discover new things.”

[via The Guardian]