HTC Desire 300

Desire 310’s on-screen buttons could be the future for HTC

The HTC Desire 310 is set to become the Taiwanese manufacturer’s latest budget smartphone. This is not just another low-cost Android handset, though – it could mark a major turning point in the way HTC designs its devices, with a switch from capacitive to on-screen buttons.

Although the HTC Desire 310 has yet to be officially confirmed, the smartphone was accidentally outed recently on HTC’s European website. And now screenshots have been leaked by Weibo user miyachiki, reportedly showing the HTC Desire 310 making use of on-screen buttons.

Whilst – for obvious reasons – it is hard to assess this leak with certainty, the screenshots do appear to be genuine. A move away from capacitive buttons would also tie-in with rumours that have surfaced about the HTC One 2/HTC M8, which suggest that HTC’s next flagship handset will also use on-screen buttons.

Many Android users love the growing use of on-screen buttons. But their use by HTC is likely to prove controversial, as others much prefer the capacitive buttons that the Taiwanese manufacturer and Samsung have become associated with.

Given that the switch away from capacitive buttons is likely to frustrate part of HTC’s customer base, it makes sense to ensure the company’s smartphones are at least consistent across the range. Those who would normally consider buying HTC’s premium handsets are likely to be further annoyed if a feature they desire is available on budget smartphones, but not the more expensive alternatives they are interested in.

[via Android and Me]