Nokia Lumia 625

EU concerned about potential Nokia patent trolling

A warning has been sounded by Europe’s most senior regulator over the possibility of Nokia focussing its business activities on patent trolling. European Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said that he would open an antitrust case against Nokia, in such circumstances.

The brief comment by Almunia comes via an Associated Press report, and is taken from a conference speech he made in Paris. The European Competition Commissioner acknowledged there was a danger that the Finnish company would now “behave like a patent troll or, to use a more polite phrase, a patent assertion entity”.

Although Almunia did not discuss the topic in any great detail, it is nonetheless notable that a senior European official is alert to the potential of Nokia centring future business activities around its patent portfolio, once Microsoft has acquired the Finnish company’s mobile phone business.

Nokia recently won a UK court case, the result of which is that HTC has seen nearly its entire range of smartphones banned from sale in the UK.