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EU tells WhatsApp to halt data sharing with Facebook

WhatsApp has been told to stop sharing user data with its parent company Facebook. The news comes as privacy officials from across the European Union investigate the practices of the two social platforms.

Officials from countries across the EU are working together under the Article 29 Working Party umbrella. WhatsApp has been asked to stop allowing its parent company access to users’ data, while the group carries out its investigation.

Following the takeover of WhatsApp in 2014, Facebook had initially appeased some of the concerns of privacy campaigners by keeping data from the instant messaging service separate from the social network.

A recent change in the privacy policy of WhatsApp means that user data is now being shared between the two platforms.

WhatsApp has said that it is working to address issues raised by regulators and officials.

“We’ve had constructive conversations, including before our update, and we remain committed to respecting applicable law,” a WhatsApp spokesperson told Reuters.

If is not clear whether WhatsApp intends to comply with the Article 29 Working Party’s request and halt the sharing of data with Facebook.

Should data continue to be shared, then the Article 29 Working Party may take the view that WhatsApp has not fully cooperated with its inquiry.

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