Facebook Messenger - Android app

Facebook Messenger users may be forced to use app on Android

Soon Facebook users on Android may no longer have the option of accessing their messages via a mobile web browser. A number of reports have emerged that a notice is now being displayed which states that messages will soon only be available via the Facebook Messenger app.

The Facebook Messenger app on Android is known for using a significant amount of data and causing noticeable battery drain. As a result, many people choose to access the service via a browser on Android devices, rather than make use of the official client.

There has been no official statement from Facebook on the matter. However, from Facebook’s perspective, ensuring that users access its services via official apps would mean the social has a greater level of control over the experience.

For users, such a move could be costly, both in terms of data charges and battery life.

Switching to alternative messaging services is not always straightforward, as people tend to use the same platforms as their friends and contacts.

[via Android Community]