Firefox Nightly build with Chromecast support

Firefox Nightly for Android now includes Chromecast support

Chromecast support has been added to the Nightly build of Firefox for Android. The update means that it is possible for Chromecast owners to cast videos to a larger screen using the version of Firefox that is designed for testing.

The first thing to note is that this release is not suitable for everyday usage. As Firefox Nightly is the testing build of Mozilla’s web browser, it may be highly unstable on some devices.

Nonetheless, Firefox Nightly does offer the opportunity for eager enthusiasts to test the latest features of the browser, as is the case with the introduction of Chromecast support.

Firefox Nightly must be downloaded directly from Mozilla’s website and is not available from Google Play. There is, however, the more stable Firefox Beta in Google’s official app store for anyone wanting to see what Firefox is likely to offer in the future.

But whilst Firefox Beta is more stable than Firefox Nightly, it does not offer Chromecast support as of yet. It is actually possible that casting will never make its way to the consumer-targeted Firefox releases, if Mozilla decides that it is not worthwhile or practical after initial testing has been completed.

It is likely, though, that Mozilla will be keen for Chromecast support to progress to the more stable versions of Firefox. As things stand, with the popularity of Google’s streaming stick increasing, the likelihood of users selecting Chrome as their default – and possible only – Android browser is becoming ever greater.

[via Lucas Rocha]