Google Home speaker

Google Home will be compatible with Samsung SmartThings

As the 4 October Google launch event gets ever-nearer, leaks continue to emerge. The latest information concerns Google Home, with the speaker and home-automation hub expected to have support for the Samsung SmartThings platform out of the box.

In terms of product announcements, the 4 October event will not offer up many, if any, surprises. Google Home itself has been known about for some time, having been announced at the Google I/O developer conference, back in May.

Google Home will obviously offer integration with a range of Google services to perform tasks such as streaming music, but it is less clear which other products the speaker will be able to talk to.

It is likely that Google Home will be compatible with Nest, the search engine giant’s smart thermostat. However, Google lacks a comprehensive range of products that could take advantage of Google Home.

Therefore, the decision to make Google Home compatible with smart devices from other manufacturers is not surprising.

There are a range of kit options available in the Samsung SmartThings range, including a power outlet, motion sensor and moisture sensor.

[via Android Police]