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Google Now to support voice commands for media playback

Media voice controls are set to be introduced to Google Now. This will allow Android users to skip tracks and stop playback without using any on-screen touch controls.

It is already possible to control media playback via the lock screen, a feature that is widely supported by many Android media players. Therefore, on smartphones and tablets, adding voice controls to media playback arguably does not offer any extra convenience.

There has been a significant focus on wearables recently. It is likely that media voice commands will be targeted at these devices, as well as in-car use.

As is show by the video above, some users already have at least partial-access to the new feature. The addition of media voice controls has not been confirmed by Google, so it is not clear when any wider roll-out will take place.

Currently, only commands for playing the next track and stopping playback completely are supported. However, as the feature has not yet been fully developed, it is likely that additional commands will be added at a later point in time.

[via Android Police]