Google+ Photos are now viewable from inside the Google Drive Android app

Google+ Photos are now available in Google Drive

There is now a new way of accessing your photos on Android devices, with any pictures that are stored in Google+ Photos automatically appearing in Google Drive. The default Photos app will continue to function, but images will now also be accessible via the menu in the Google Drive app.

As well as improved accessibility, the other significant benefit is that it is now easier to organise photos.

A common complaint about the Photos app is that it does not allow images to be collated into folders. As photos are now available through Google Drive, it is possible to store them in folders, which will make organising a collection of photos more straightforward.

In order to access images through Google Drive, simply select Google Photos from the menu. This will bring up thumbnails of available images.

Despite photos now appearing in two places, only the files from one set will eat into an account’s storage capacity.

There is one notable limitation with the first iteration of this new feature. Any changes made to photos within Google+ – such as editing or use of the Auto Awesome feature – will not be reflected on the photos viewed within Google Drive.

The only way currently to view edits made within Google+ via Google Drive is somewhat cumbersome. Modified photos first need to be downloaded from Google+ and then uploaded directly to Google Drive.