Google Sheets - Explore - machine learning chart

Google Sheets gets new machine learning capabilities

Google’s spreadsheet package has been updated, with new machine learning technology introduced to make building charts easier. The new Google Sheets feature is able to understand natural language requests, and is aimed to provide a more user-friendly experience.

Using Google Sheets’ Explore option, it is possible to make requests from which the application will then create a chart. For instance, a user could ask for a “bar chart of laptop sales”, which Google Sheets would automatically create using the available data.

Although spreadsheets can be great tools for keeping track of figures and statistics, displaying that information in a usable fashion is not always easy.

Google Sheets already supported chart creation, but that involved the tradition – sometimes long-winded – methods of manually setting parameters via the user interface. The new machine-learning-based feature has the potential to make visualising data much quicker for users.