Google Translate - Tap to Translate feature

Google Translate can now be used from any Android app

Google Translate for Android has just become significantly more user friendly. A major new feature, called Tap to Translate, means that the service can be used without having to open the Google Translate app.

Google Translate has proven to be extremely popular around the world. But in one of its most popular use cases, the mobile app can be somewhat cumbersome to use.

In order to translate text from an app, firstly the content has had to be copied. Google Translate must then be opened, before the text in question is pasted in for translation.

With Tap to Translate, when any text is selected that may need to be translated, a small pop-up bubble will appear. By tapping on this icon, it is possible to complete the translation within the original app, and even translate other words too.

The new feature works with any app on devices running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, or above. And it is not necessary to be connected to the internet either, as Tap to Translate has offline support.