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Has Micromax overtaken Samsung in India?

Samsung has disputed claims from a research organisation that it has lost its position as the number one smartphone manufacturer in India. Figure published by Canalys state that the South Korean company were overtaken by Micromax in the final quarter of 2014, in terms of market share.

The claims are significant because India is the fastest-growing Asia Pacific smartphone market, according to analysts IDC.

In recent years, Samsung has been highly successful in more traditional tech markets, such as Europe and North America. But as these markets become increasingly saturated, emerging economies such as India are becoming even more important to companies like Samsung.

It is notable that Samsung’s figures – which are taken from German market research firm GfK – are very different to those presented by Canalys.

Canalys claims that Samsung has a market share of 20% in India, with Micromax controlling 22% of the market.

The GfK figures cited by Samsung place it on 35.7% of the Indian market, in terms of volume, which the South Korean company states is more than double that of its nearest competitor.

[via Quartz India]