HMV Digital Android music store app

HMV relaunch Android app with cool new features

HMV are back on Android in the UK and Ireland. The high street retailer once again has a digital music offering, after being rescued from administration earlier this year.

Rather than simply acting as a digital storefront, the new HMV app has a couple of features that make discovery easier, as well as integrating with their traditional high street outlets.

With the new HMV app, it is possible to scan an album in store. This feature not only aids those who prefer to browse the high street and purchase online, but it also allows shoppers to listen to a preview of any interesting new music they find.

The app is also able to identify any unfamiliar tracks you hear and, of course, offers you the option to buy the song in question.

HMV’s new Android app has been developed by 7digital. This really isn’t a surprise, as at one point, HMV owned half of the music download service. Its stake has since been diluted following new investment, but 7digital remained the obvious choice when HMV was searching for a partner.

The old HMV Android app – which was withdrawn when the company entered administration – was also developed by 7digital.

As with HMV’s previous Android offering, there are a lot of visual similarities between the 7digital and HMV apps. And both look very similar to the Play store as well, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It is encouraging, though, that this time round some useful features have been added to the HMV Android app, rather than simply offering a clone of the 7digital version, albeit with a different colour scheme.

It is true that features such as track identification are not anything new. The technology has been used by the likes of Shazam for years, but its inclusion is welcome nonetheless, as is better integration with HMV’s high street stores.

The app will also be integrated with HMV’s new website, which is set to launch next week.

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