How Firefox hopes to achieve explosive Android growth

The default browser for many Android users is usually either Chrome or a custom alternative developed by the device manufacturer. Either solution will meet the needs of many users perfectly adequately, which is a problem for rivals such as Firefox.

As a result, Firefox has recently completed deals that will see its browsers being bundled with a number of devices. This will mean that rather than having to rely on people finding Firefox in the Play Store, it will be an out-of-the-box option for a larger number of users.

The two new deals mean that Firefox will be shipped with both the new Kobo Arc range of tablets and the Gigabyte GSmart Simba SX1 smartphone.

The deal with Kobo could prove to be particularly helpful for Firefox. Kobo Arc tablets have been priced very competitively against rivals from Amazon and Google, and are available from prominent high street stores such as WH Smith, in the UK.