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How RuneScape is aiming to bring PC gaming to mobile

Fans of RuneScape are in for a treat with news that the popular MMORPG is to be released for mobile devices. Initially Old School RuneScape will be made available, with the retro title released for both smartphones and tablets.

Unsurprisingly at this stage, no exact release date has been set for Old School RuneScape on mobile devices. However, developer Jagex has stated that the mobile edition will be available by winter of this year.

There are also plans in place to release the newer RuneScape for smartphones and tablets in 2018, after Old School RuneScape has made its debut. There will be Android and iPhone editions of both titles.

Particularly exciting for RuneScape enthusiasts is the news that the mobile versions will be compatible with the desktop releases. As a result, it will be possible to seamlessly switch between playing on mobile and more traditional platforms.

Jagex’s decision not to develop a cutdown version for smartphones and tablets means added challenges for the studio, but provides an indication that they are prepared to launch a significant commitment to mobile devices.

In an interview with, Jagex’s communications director Rich Eddy made it clear that new platforms are a key priority for the company.

“We want to take RuneScape to where people are playing, whether that’s in its current MMORPG form or a spin-off franchise – that’s something you’ll see in the future,” he said.

“Going onto new devices for new territories is one of the key things we’re pushing towards at the moment.”

Eddy also emphasised that ensuring a smooth transition between desktop and mobile is a central component of the project to bring RuneScape to portable devices.

“Some people who were PC players are not now, but we can offer that same experience on a mobile device that people can dive in and out of,” he said. “It’s about making an MMO a second-screen experience.”