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How to follow Wimbledon 2015 live on Android

It is the first day of play at Wimbledon in 2015, so Android Wafer has put together a guide to help you follow the only grass court slam of the tennis calendar. With an Android smartphone or tablet, it is easy to keep track of the action, whether that be watching live video, catch-up content to tracking live scores.

If you own a Chromecast stick as well, it is also possible to watch the action on a big screen too.

BBC Sport

BBC Sport Android app - Wimbledon 2015 live video and blogIf you live in the UK, at least, the BBC Sport app is absolutely essential. [Yes, Android Wafer considers it even more integral to following Wimbledon than the official app.]

As far as Wimbledon is concerned, the best feature of the BBC Sport app – for users in the UK – is that it allows you to chose from up to 15 courts to watch live. The BBC Sport app supports Chromecast too, meaning that you can also watch the action on your TV.

Outside of the UK, check with your local broadcaster, as they may offer a similar app to BBC Sport. If you are unsure who is televising Wimbledon where you live, then there is a complete list of broadcasters available on the tournament’s official website.

Download BBC Sport from Google Play

The Championships, Wimbledon

The Championships, Wimbledon - official Android app - live 2015 coverageAnother essential app to download from the Play Store is the official Wimbledon app. Whilst it does not contain as much video content as the BBC Sport app, the Wimbledon app is still vital for finding out the information that you need to know throughout the tournament.

The official Wimbledon app is regularly refreshed throughout the day with essential information, such as the latest order of play updates, and it also offers a comprehensive archive of results over the course of the tournament.

If you are looking for news, scores and updates from Wimbledon, then there is no faster or more up-to-date source than the tournament’s official app, which closely mirrors the information that is available on the Wimbledon website.

Download The Championships, Wimbledon from Google Play


Betscores Android app - Wimbledon 2015 live scores, stats and dataAlthough the official Wimbledon app does contain a comprehensive list of live scores, unfortunately it does not support live score notifications.

There is a vast array of live score apps available on Google Play, but betscores is one of the best. Android Wafer likes the app’s clean layout, as well as the fact that it allows you to tailor notifications to suite your needs.

For any individual match, it is possible to receive a notification when it starts, at the end of a set and after the match has been completed.

Betscores allows you to choose from any combination of these notification options. So, for example, you could decide to only receive notifications at the end of each set and on the completion of the match.

Download betscores from Google Play


SofaScore Android app - Wimbledon 2015 live scores, stats and dataIf you are looking for an all-in-one, comprehensive live score app for following Wimbledon on your Android device, then look no further than SofaScore. It offers a greater range of statistical information than betscores, including point-by-point breakdowns of games.

SofaScore also supports the same notification options as betscores, with the addition of match reminders, notifications after every game and alerts when video highlights of a match become available.

The downside to SofaScore’s impressive range of features is that the app is a little bit more overwhelming to get to grips with compared to betscores. But if you want the most comprehensive live score offering for Wimbledon on Android, then you will be hard-pressed to find a better option.

Download SofaScore from Google Play