HTC One (M8) Gunmetal Grey close-up

HTC abandons One A9 15-day update commitment for Android Nougat

When the HTC One A9 was launched, one of its most talked about selling points was a commitment to provide updates within 15 days of their release from Google. But owners of the device hoping that would mean quick access to Android 7.0 Nougat are going to be disappointed.

HTC have gone back on their original promise and will not be rapidly rolling out an update for the HTC One A9.

If HTC had stuck to its original commitment, that would have meant the HTC One A9 receiving Android Nougat by 6 September, at the latest. Instead, the update is currently scheduled to arrive in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Responding to XDA-Developers, HTC indicated that the HTC One A9 had not sold particularly well, stating that the company was focussing on more popular devices.

“With the excitement around Android Nougat, we’re aligning engineering resources around our most popular flagship products where the most customers will benefit,” a HTC spokesperson said.

There has also been news that the HTC One (M8) will not receive Android Nougat at all, although this is less of a surprise. Flagship smartphones are typically provided with major updates for two years after their launch, and the HTC One (M8) was first released back in March 2014.

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