Nexus 9 plus keyboard folio

HTC ends Nexus 9 tablet production

HTC has confirmed that the production run of its Nexus 9 tablet has come to an end. The device, which was launched in partnership with Google back in October 2014, has since been superseded by the Pixel C.

The Nexus 9 never matched the searing popularity of the Nexus 7 tablets which were manufactured by ASUS. HTC’s device was positioned at a higher end of the market than ASUS’ previous Nexus tablets, but with tablet sales figures proving to be a disappointment across the industry, the Nexus 9 did not live up to expectations.

Google then chose to produce the Pixel C in-house, creating a product that is even higher end than the Nexus 9.

In reality, the Pixel C – which competes against the Microsoft Surface – is a complete break from the philosophy that was followed with all previous Nexus tablet.

[via CNET]