HTC One M8 gunmetal grey - rear close-up

HTC One M9 name spotted in website code

It seems almost certain that HTC’s next flagship Android device will be known as the HTC One M9, with the moniker appearing in the code of the company’s website. The name is not a particular surprise, although the HTC Hima codename has frequently been referenced in the media during the product’s development.

HTC have been committed to the One branding over the past two years, with their previous two flagship Android smartphones being known as the HTC One and HTC One (M8). Other than dropping of the parenthesis, there does not appear to be any changes to HTC’s naming strategy.

It was always anticipated that the HTC One brand would be retained. The HTC One M9 will likely feature a similar unibody design to its predecessors, albeit with much smaller bezels.

Another interesting feature of the HTC website code is that it references the ‘One Life’ tagline. Although this has not been used by HTC for any previous products, the company had featured the slogan in a recent promotional tweet.

[via Phone Arena]