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Huawei may drop Android Wear in favour of Tizen

Huawei could be considering dropping Android Wear and instead switching to Samsung’s Tizen for future smartwatches. With few Android Wear devices being planned for the future by manufacturers, the loss of Huawei’s support would be a significant blow to the platform.

The reports have come from the South Korean press, although the news has not been officially confirmed this point.

Local paper JoongAng Ilbo carried a quote from a Samsung official which suggested that cooperation with Huawei on Tizen smartwatches is a very real possibility. The Samsung employee stated:

“Huawei was looking for an OS other than Google’s Android as the US firm had not been very collaborative.”

Samsung, for their part, have issued a denial, albeit using language that is not exactly strongly worded.

“Samsung has not officially received any request for such collaboration from Huawei yet,” Samsung spokesperson Lee Won-ho said.

The fact that Lee spoke about a collaboration not being official ‘yet’ could be taken as an indication that informal talks between the two companies are at a highly advanced stage.

In the past, Huawei board member Richard Yu has been critical of Tizen and raised concerns about the obstacles new operating systems face when it comes to establishing an ecosystem.

However, Yu’s remarks were made over two years ago and may be more pertinent to smartphones than they are to wearables.

Yu’s comments about establishing an ecosystem around an OS are still interesting, as Samsung knows the chances of doing this increase with more manufacturer support.

Quite simply, if there are a greater number of Tizen products on the market, then there is more incentive for developers to support the OS.

[via The Investor]