Android L developer preview

Is Lemon Meringue Pie the next version of Android?

So far, Google has only referred to the next version of its mobile operating system as Android L. But this appears to be little more than a codename, and there are now some indications that the next release may be labelled Lemon Meringue Pie.

Android Lemon Meringue Pie would certainly follow the pattern of relying on confectionery-based names. It is a naming system that has been used right from Android 1.5 Cupcake to the most recent release, Android 4.4 KitKat.

Over at Android Police, a variety of evidence has been collated which points towards Lemon Meringue Pie having been selected to identify the next version of the OS.

There is a preview release of Android L available to developers that works on the Nexus 5 smartphone and the Nexus 7 2013 tablet. This is referred to in the Android SDK as ‘lmp-preview-release’.

The Wi-Fi certificate of the rumoured Nexus 9 tablet (also known as the HTC Flounder and HTC Volantis) – which Android Wafer reported on yesterday – refers to a firmware version of ‘aosp_flounder-userdebug L LMP eng.buildteam.20140725.184742test-key’.

It is highly likely that any new Nexus tablet from Google will be the first to officially run the final build of what has until now been known as Android L.

Further evidence can be found within the Android Open Source Project repository, with a search for ‘LMP’ returning a total of nine results.

There are certainly a few indicators that point towards the Android Lemon Meringue Pie name. These make a lot of sense in light of the confectionery-related names that have been used on previous versions.

But a few sporadic references to the initials LMP are a long way from providing certainty. Android 4.4 was widely expected to be known as Lime Key Pie, until Google grabbed plenty of headlines with the unexpected announcement of KitKat, following an agreement with Nestle.

[via Android Police]