Is the LG G3 challenging Samsung for Android dominance?

With its beautiful 5.5-inch display, there is no denying the LG G3 is an impressive piece of kit. Such is the excellence of LG’s flagship smartphone that there are indications that it could even challenge the dominance of Samsung.

The signs of change are small right now, and no-one is suggesting that the LG G3 alone could see the overthrow of Samsung. It is nonetheless significant that reports have emerged from South Korea stating the LG G3’s initial sales have been more impressive than the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, in the companies’ domestic market.

The reported difference in sales between the two South Korean giants’ flagship handsets is not insignificant, either. An impressive 25,000-30,000 LG G3 smartphones are apparently being purchased every day.

The reported initial South Korean sales figures for the LG G3 compare very favourably against the Samsung Galaxy S5. The latter Android smartphone sold in the region of 7,000-8,000 units per day, during its own launch period.

It is worth noting that despite LG’s apparent progress in its domestic market, there is still a enormous gap for it to overhaul on a global basis. Recent figures from analysts IDC show that the combined smartphone sales of Apple, Huawei, Lenovo and LG – the second, third, fourth and fifth biggest smartphone manufacturers respectively – are unable to match the 85 million units shipped by Samsung during the first quarter of 2014.

[via phoneArena.com]