JDI FULL ACTIVE panel - near bezel-less display

JDI announces near bezel-less display

A new display panel has been announced by Japan Display Inc which could find its way into a number of future smartphones. The standout feature of the new panel is that it allows for near bezel-less smartphone design, following recent industry trends.

Two of the most high-profile smartphone releases in 2017, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G6, both featured near bezel-less displays. But the technology is still in relatively limited use throughout the industry, which is why JDI’s new panels could prove popular.

The JDI panels are 6-inch displays – the kind of large screen size that has become associated with the technology. As near bezel-less displays offer improvements in screen-to-body ratios, a larger screen can be employed without significantly increasing the overall size of a device.

The new panel has been branded by JDI as a ‘FULL ACTIVE’ display. Like similar products, JDI’s offering supports an ultra-widescreen ratio; in this case 18:9.

A screen resolution of 1080 x 2160 is offered by the new FULL ACTIVE display, using an LCD panel.

JDI’s display units are widely used on smartphones, particularly by Chinese manufacturers. The new panels may also be of interest to Sony, with the Japanese company being a shareholder in JDI.

In addition to Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi are also part of the JDI joint venture.

[via Xperia Blog]