Jolla Sailfish OS phone

Jolla aiming to woo Android users

Jolla has announced that it will be releasing a launcher for Android that is designed to mimic the experience of using Sailfish OS. The Finnish company – started by a group of former Nokia employees – is aiming to make an impact in the highly competitive mobile market with its independent operating system, albeit developing close ties to Android along the way.

The Sailfish launcher will be released via what Jolla has described as ‘common Android market places’ – which will almost certainly include Google Play – as well as the company’s own website. No pricing information has been revealed, although given the purpose of the launcher is to promote Sailfish OS, it is likely to be available free of charge.

Jolla recognises that it must capture part of the Android market, which is simply too big to compete against directly. In addition to the launcher, Jolla will also be releasing a version of Sailfish OS that will run on Android hardware.

No definitive release date has been given, although Jolla has said that the new launcher will be out before the Android hardware edition of Sailfish OS, which is due in the first half of 2014.