Jolla Sailfish OS phone

Jolla’s Android-compatible phone makes its debut

Jolla’s first smartphone has been made available to the public, albeit in very limited initial quantities.

It is extremely tough for any new mobile platform to make a splash when up against established giants in the form of Android and iOS. But Jolla hasn’t done a bad job of attracting mainstream media attention, with the BBC reporting on the initial run of just 450 phones.

Jolla has met its initial launch target of 27 November and plans to increase production significantly. As expected, Jolla will concentrate on supplying a Finnish network with handsets initially, as well as fulfilling pre-orders.

The company, which is headed by former Nokia employees, hopes to achieve a wider European roll-out before the year’s end, but that will depend upon whether further network deals can be completed throughout the continent.

Jolla’s phones will run its own independent operating system called Sailfish. It will possible to run Android apps, however, thanks to the compatibility layer that has been built into the OS.