HTC One M10 Glacial Silver render

Leaks emerge apparently showing the HTC One M10

Despite there being no clear indication when HTC’s next flagship Android smartphone will launch, there has been a noticeable amount of buzz about the device in recent days. Adding to that hype, two of the most prominent industry leakers have tweeted images that they claim depict the forthcoming smartphone.

First up was @OnLeaks, with three images of what is apparently a working prototype of HTC’s next flagship smartphone, which is likely to be known as the HTC One M10.

The images are interesting as they seem to reveal a lot about the design of the new device. From the front, the phone looks similar to the HTC One A9 – a very capable mid-range device that was released late in 2015. What is seen on the rear of the prototype is a mixture of old and new. It largely follows the now well-established and well-liked HTC design language, employed on the HTC One (M7), (M8) and M9 smartphones. A photo of the rear of the phone shows a curved back, along with prominent horizontal antennas, at the top and bottom of the device. But the design has been revised from previous HTC smartphones, and also features chamfered edges. The chamfered edges are notable as they were also present in a teaser image released recently be HTC.

Another leak came later courtesy of @evleaks. It contains a series of renderings which seemingly show the HTC One M10 from five different angles.

The most obvious difference from @OnLeaks’ photos is that the image posted by @evleaks shows a Glacial Silver device, as opposed to Gunmetal Grey.

Glacial Silver and Gunmetal Grey are two finishes that HTC has used on a number of occasions in the past and both have a close association with the brand.

With the release of the HTC One A9, the company was accused of producing its own interpretation of an iPhone. What is clear with these leaks, however, is that HTC has looked to update its own highly-regarded design language, rather than draw inspiration from competitors.

There is a lot of congruity between HTC’s official teaser and the images from @OnLeaks and @evleaks. It is not unreasonable to conclude, therefore, that unless some large-scale deception has occurred somewhere, the leaks are likely to be pretty accurate.