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LG G3 pricing leaks in Finland

Clues have emerged about the European pricing of the much-anticipated LG G3. Two Finnish retailers have listed the product online – the forthcoming smartphone costing between €613-730.

The cheapest pricing comes courtesy of Kasuplan, who list the 16GB gold edition at €613, with the larger capacity 32GB white version costing €659.

Multitronic also have the LG G3 priced up on their website. In this instance, the 16GB gold model costs €678, whilst the 32GB white edition is priced at €730.

Obviously at this stage it is unclear how the early Finnish pricing will measure up against the rest of Europe, or if it will even prove representative of the launch price in Finland. It is worth nothing that Finland’s VAT rate of 24% is one of the highest in Europe [PDF], so the LG G3 is unlikely to prove significantly more expensive in other markets.

For rough comparison purposes, Kasuplan’s listing of €613 for the 16GB LG G3 currently converts to a UK price of around £500 (not taking into account the difference in VAT rates, given that these are crude, early prices). Last year, the 16GB LG G2 was available to pre-order from UK retailer Clove at a cost of £468.

[via Trusted Reviews]