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LG G6 may include iris scanning

LG is in the process of looking at new ideas for next year’s LG G6, which are not related to philosophies the company has adopted with previous flagship smartphones. And reports from South Korea state that one of the concepts that LG is investigating for its 2017 flagship is iris scanning.

After failing to capture the interest of consumers with the modular system that was the focus of the LG G5, it is not surprising that LG is looking to take a new approach.

Following the poor reception of the LG G5, the company overhauled its mobile division, making a number of staffing changes.

It has also been reported that the LG Friends modules will be dropped in 2017 – a move that is likely to frustrate those who have invested in the system.

If the rumour about iris scanning does come to fruition, then LG would not be the first manufacturer to include the feature on a mainstream smartphone.

Iris scanning was also present on the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note7, although LG is reportedly looking at a different implementation. While the Samsung Galaxy Note7 used a separate camera specifically for iris scanning, LG is said to be working on a single module that would also house the regular selfie shooter.

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